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A Foreign RIM Takeover Would be Accepted by Canada's Government

Canadian officials have promised not to intervene in case of a RIM takeover by a foreign bidder. Unlike previous cases, where Ottawa objected when national companies were on the verge of being purchased by non-Canadian firms, RIM has been granted the gift of controlling their own destiny.

The statement has been made by Jim Flaherty, the Federal Finance Minister, where it was announced on Friday that the Canadian government will grant total freedom to RIM, even if the company was to be purchased by foreigners.

This was not the case with Potash Corp of Saskatchewan in 2010, when the Australian mining giant BHP Billiton wanted to acquire the full-share package.

Flaherty stated, "We would like RIM obviously to be successful as a Canadian company, which it has been - a very innovative and successful company."

However, any sale would come under the watchful eye of the US government, given the country's Defence Department heavily relying on RIM's secure encryption service.

As for RIM and its past activity, there's been speculation of a possible take-over or some sort of partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. Many believe that RIM would even adopt Windows Phone OS on future handsets, while others claim Amazon, Dell or even HP to be interested in such a move.

RIM's financial reports have seen some drops in the past period, with CEO Thorsten Heins preparing the company for a new, business-orientated strategy for BlackBerry handsets.

Source: CBCNews (opens in new tab)