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Foxconn Recruiter Says iPhone 5 Will Be Launched In June

According to new information dug up by Japanese website Macotakara, Foxconn is gearing up to empower the next generation iPhones with high speed functionality.

The rumoured "iPhone 5" is expected to be introduced to the market sometime in June, if we are to believe the anonymous recruiter from Foxconn who let slip this information.

Macotakara discovered this rumour during an interview on TV Tokyo's "World Business Satellite" (WBS) show, when one of Foxconn's recruiters explained that the manufacturer was currently undertaking a massive hiring process. "We're looking for 18,000 employees...for the fifth-generation phone," detailed the respondent.

When the reporter asked if such a large number of extra employees are required for the iPhone 5, he replied: "That's right. It will come out in June."

Foxconn is also under international pressure from its main partner, Apple, as well as the Fair Labor Association to ease the working conditions in its facilities. Recent audits revealed that Foxconn runs sweatshop-like factories and shortly after this information was made public, the company agreed to enforce a limit on its work hours.

Currently, 1.2 million people work for Foxconn and 80,000 of them are assembling iPhones. If the iPhone 5 is rumoured for release in June, then it's obvious why Foxconn needs to employ more manpower.

Source: Macotakara (opens in new tab)

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