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Hacker Says iPhone’s Passcode Lock Isn’t Easy To Crack

The XRY software developed by Micro Systemation used by law enforcement agencies to access data stored on protected mobile devices might not be as innovative as the Swedish company initially led us to believe.

According to renowned iOS hacker Chronic, XRY is not that effective against iPhones and iPads as previously advertised. Chronic announced in a blog post that XRY is only using the "limera1n" jailbreak exploit released by George Hotz to access the iOS devices.

The jailbreak exploit, although famous at the time, was fixed by Apple in A5 and A5X chips. This means that the latest iPhone, iPad 2 and the new iPad are practically immune to Micro Systemation's software.

In addition, Chronic disputes the accuracy of facts shown by the Micro Systemation video. In this footage, a representative of the Swedish company tries to demonstrate that XRY can crack a password-protected iOS device in just two minutes or less.

Chronic reveals that the software only works with a simple passcode option, namely the "0000" password .

Those using iOS worried about XRY's potential hacking exploits simply need to turn off the "simple passcode" option (General > Passcode Lock in the iOS Settings app).

Source: Wstraf (opens in new tab)

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