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LSI Intros Nytro PCIe Flash-based Products

LSI has introduced a new range of storage solutions call Nytro that combine intelligent caching, flash storage and PCIe in a bid to deliver improved data transaction performance.

The range consists of the WarpDrive AAC (application acceleration cards), which are PCIe flash adapters with capacities between 200GB and 3.2TB using either SLC or MLC technology and includes LSI's SAS controller ICs.

LSI claims that a single card can have the I/O performance of a few hundreds traditional hard disk drives - it surpasses 32Gbps sustained throughput - while consuming less power, dissipates less heat, takes up less space, improves reliability and reduces total cost of ownership.

Another new complementary solution is the MegaRAID AAC which allows Direct-Attached Storage (hard disk drives) to use onboard flash storage as a buffer and using LSI's RAID technology, allow data to be moved between high performance and high capacity storage transparently without the need to change software code.

LSI used the Warp Drive with Nytro XD intelligent caching system to deliver an off-the-shelf storage solution that caches frequently accessed data and delivers, according to LSI's benchmark, improvements of up to 30x over pure HDD storage environments (on database transaction benchmarks).

Expect the Nytro family to be available in the second quarter of 2012 with Nytro XD prices starting from $9400 while WarpDrive carry an SRP of $6600 and MegaRAID cards fetch as little as $1799.

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