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Nokia Mocks The iPhone With A New Campaign: Smartphone Beta Test

Nokia is preparing to launch the highly awaited Lumia 900 at a New York event this Friday, and to celebrate, the Finish company has launched a new campaign: "Smartphone Beta Test". Although not confirmed by officials, the campaign website holds hidden Nokia signs and uses the iPhone as the subject for its ironic videos.

The website is mainly composed of four videos, three of them replicating security camera footage from an unknown manufacturing facility where employees are testing an upcoming smartphone. Despite the handset presented at the start of each video being blurred, it is clear to see that it resembles an Apple device.

Two of these videos go back in time to 2007 when the original iPhone was released, and mock sthe handset in terms of its fragile design and low-quality screen. The third video laughs at iPhone 4's "Death grip" problem caused by the poor design of the phone's antenna, presented as though it was filmed in 2010.

The website also has a time-counter that ends Friday, the same day when Nokia will unveil its upcoming Lumia 900 smartphone. No explicit signs of Nokia trademarks are shown but hints can be found: in the upper-left corner where an erased Nokia logo is present, the use of a blue background and as WPCentral (opens in new tab)discovered, references to Nokia's website found inside the code.

Nokia will release the Lumia 900 two days after the countdown, with one of the first carriers to receive it being AT&T.

Source: Smartphone Beta Test (opens in new tab)