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Qualcomm To Launch Quad Core S4 Chips For Windows 8

Semiconductor firm Qualcomm will launch a quad core Snapdragon S4 chip that will power a new generation of ultra thin laptops that will rival the MacBook Air and Intel's forthcoming wave of Ultrabooks.

PC World's Agam Shah quotes Rob Chandhok, senior vice president at Qualcomm, as saying that it could be "much lighter than what Intel calls an ultrabook".

The S4 uses a 28nm process making it very power efficient compared to previous generation Snapdragon and the fact that it is based on the newer Krait architecture will allow it to compete better with newer rival ARM-based processors.

Qualcomm will also bundle a faster processor core, the Adreno 3XX series as well as an integrated 3G/4G modem on the chip which could give it the edge against similar rival offerings.

Shah's report also says that Qualcomm is considering adding 64-bit support to Snapdragon some time in the future although Chandhok wouldn't commit to any dates. Microsoft announced support for ARM at CES in 2011 and has enlisted a first wave of conductor firms, Qualcomm, Nvidia and TI to build the first chips compatible with Windows On ARM.

Source : PC World