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Samsung To Build ARM Server Chips?

Will Samsung get its semiconductor arm to follow the likes of AppliedMicro, Calxeda, Marvell and Nvidia and build server chips? Well this is what the Wall Street Journal is inferring after having checked the public Linkedin profiles of some former AMD engineers that have migrated to Samsung.

But The Register is quick to point out that although the Linkedin profiles spoke for themselves, it would be wise not to jump to conclusions too hastily.

The publication mentions Mark Papermaster who jumped ship from IBM to Apple a few years ago (before landing at AMD) and the purchase of PA Semi which specialise in high end server chips, a move that lead many to believe that Apple may ramp up its server product.

Apple did exactly the opposite and canned its Xserve server range almost overnight. Samsung Semiconductors already makes capable SoCs, its Exynos semiconductors are currently limited to its own mobile products.

With a server SoC, Samsung would be able to propose a complete array of server components. It already manufactures DRAM, Flash memory as well as power management ICs.

Sources : The Register, Wall Street Journal

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