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Sony Xperia Play Smartphones Get Ice Cream Sandwich Beta

Sony Mobile has announced that Xperia Play will receive a beta of Ice Cream Sandwich more than a month after three of its other Xperia siblings got theirs.

Karl-Johan Dahlström, writing on SonyMobile's Developer World forum, highlighted the fact that some games would need to be optimised to work on Ice Cream Sandwich, one of the pitfalls of moving to a new operating system.

The mobile company put out the beta of ICS in order to get gamers and developers testing the upgrade in order to inform them of any odd behaviour that might affect games running on it.

Those looking to download and install the RIM will need to make sure that they are aware of how to install and switch between ROMs, that they are using the latest Xperia Play software release and that they are ready to agree to use the software "as is" without guarantee.

The Xperia Play was launched at last year's Mobile World Congress and failed to capture gamers' imagination despite being the first Sony Playstation certified handset and the first mainstream smartphone, since the Nokia Ngage to feature a proper game controller.

A number of reasons can explain this : firstly the rise of cheaper quality games on iOS and Android that can run outside Sony's realm has increased competition.

Then there's the fact that the Xperia Play was launched at nearly £500 with hardware that was, at the time, already well behind the competition.

Source : SonyMobile

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