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Students Forced To Work At Foxconn If They Want To Graduate

Recently, Foxconn has been one of the world's most talked about organisations - but for the wrong reasons.

This weekend, Foxconn chairman Terry Gou explained how the manufacturer is going to win over the public in an attempt to rescue its tarnished reputation. However, reports reveal that he forgot to mention one ignored rule at Foxconn factories: forced internship.

After the Fair Labor Association released the results of the recent audit and revealed 50 serious breaches within work legislation, Foxconn pledged to address the situation.

The manufacturer told Apple, investigators, as well as the media that the working hours will be cut down accordance to loaw, and that salaries would rise.

According to the recent reports coming from campaigners monitoring the situation, one concerning issue was overlooked by Apple and by Fair Labor Association investigators.

Students are brought to Foxconn plants and under the threat of not graduating, are forced to work in the assembly lines.

Schools themselves are often guilty of acting like labour agencies. Debby Cheng, project officer of Students and Scholars against Corporate Misbehaviour (Sacom), revealed that "the gross violation of forced internship was not addressed at all."

Source: Guardian UK (opens in new tab)

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