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Third Party Monitors Possible Ethical iPhone?

After months of investigations relating to the inhumane working conditions at Foxconn factories, Apple's CEO took his first visit to China in order to meet the workers responsible for assembling iPhones and iPads.

Last week's report revealed hazardous working conditions putting the lives of Foxconn workers at risk. Consequently, Foxconn and its parent corporation, Hon Hai Precision, pledged to address the situation but the criticism didn't stop there.

Independent monitoring revealed that many of Foxconn's 1.2 million employees still work in unfortunate conditions, with the students submitted into forced internship.

Previously, the clothing industry faced similar scandals with several of the world's most popular labels being accused of running sweatshops. To address the situation, brands like Gap, Levi Strauss, Target, J.C. Penney hired third party monitors for their suppliers and fought to raise awareness against the sweatshop phenomenon.

Can Apple use the same strategy in order to assure the making of an ethical iPhone?

Source: WashingtonPost (opens in new tab)

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