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Tumblr Integrated Into Facebook Timeline

It's the start of a beautiful friendship, with Tumblr and Facebook joining together to allow its users to be more socially networked than ever. Now when you publish posts on Tumblr, they'll automatically show up on your Facebook timeline - as well as within the News Feed and Ticker.

Boasting that the sharing of posts to Facebook would be "a billion times" easier, the facility works only by choosing the "send to Facebook" option. Likes and replies on Tumblr will also be displayed on Facebook, so users can feel twice the social love.

Those on Tumblr can change their blog settings in order to allow posts to be shared on their Facebook timelines, however, if you've already linked the sites together, you'll receive a notification informing you to say: "We've improved Facebook sharing. Upgrade now."

Whilst your posts will automatically be shared to your Timeline, any post you read will remain private - meaning you won't have to worry about people on your Timeline finding out that you still carry a torch for the pink Power Ranger.

If you haven't already taken advantage of this feature, check out the example below:

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By automatically sharing posts, this will increase the referral traffic for Tumblr blogs. Numerous businesses are already employing Open Graph apps to view the amount of traffic brought in by Facebook, giving them an insight into user engagement within the social network.

It's definitely a smart move by the two sites, and it probably won't be long before Twitter jumps on the bandwagon - so long as the line between sharing and spamming doesn't become too blurred.

Image Credit: Mashable

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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