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US And UK iPhone Owners Use Wi-Fi More Than Cellular Data

The latest ComScore study revealed that Apple fans from the United States and United Kingdom have a much higher Wi-Fi utilisation rate than their Android counterparts.

The Device Essentials report shows that in the US, 71 per cent of iPhone users are more inclined to use Wi-Fi for data than cellular networks, compared to 32 per cent of Android fans who prefer Wi-Fi to the alternative.

Britons are even more devoted to Wi-Fi networks than mobile users across the Atlantic. Eighty seven per cent of UK iPhone users prefer Wi-Fi connections compared to 57 per cent of Android smartphone owners.

In the United Kingdom, the outcome is determined by the local carriers and their strategies to attract customers. "In the U.K., the scarcity of unlimited data plans and higher incidence of smartphone pre-paid contracts with a pay-as-you-go data model likely contributes to data offloading among users wanting to economize their mobile usage," explained Serge Matta, ComScore's President of Operator and Mobile Solutions.

Also, the lack of 4G networks seems to push UK mobile users to Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, US users don't really enjoy the "unlimited" data plans promised by the subscribers as these offers come with serious caveats.

Source: ComScore

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