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Western Digital Introduces 2TB Portable Mac Drive

Western Digital has introduced the first 2 terabyte version of its My Passport drives, specifically designed to be Mac compatible as well as work with the Apple Time Machine software to allow for seamless, automatic, local backup of important data.

It only sports a USB 2.0 interface, so USB 3.0 early adopters will miss out on that extra speed, but there is a pair of FireWire 800 ports if you have that connectivity option. Western Digital describes the 2TB capacity as being capable of holding 400,000 photos, 240 hours of video or 500,000 songs - making this a great product for media professionals.

"The My Passport Studio is a perfect companion for the MacBook Pro and for creative professionals on the go," explains Jody Bradshaw, senior director and general manager of WD's consumer storage products group. "For those who create large content files such as photographers and videographers, they will now be able to carry it with them wherever they go, as well as create a backup copy of everything they produce without fear of running out of additional storage while on location."

If you fancy picking up one of these new drives, you'll need to set aside $300 in the US, or £175 here in the UK, though all outlets with that price appear to be out of stock at the time of writing.

The My Passport 2TB for Macs is available in multiple colours, from red, blue and grey to reflective black and white options.

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