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Applied Materials - The Unknown Company That Builds 67 Per Cent Of iPads

While Tim Cook travels across the world to visit Apple's main partner, Foxconn, a company from California involved in the production of iOS devices, was never visited by Apple's officials according to a Mashable report.

Applied Materials, based in Santa Clara, California develops nanomanufacturing technologies used in the production of semiconductor chips, TFT LCD displays for tablets and TVs, among many other products.

The products created and sold by Applied Materials are used by Intel, Samsung, IBM and of course, Apple. According to the company's estimates, about 60 per cent of the chips and displays in every smartphone and tablet currently on the market are made with its tools and technologies.

Matt Ceniceros from Applied Materials details the company's involvement in the manufacturing process of iPads and iPhones.

"For the iPad, 67% of the bill of materials comes from our tools," he explains. "So you're the end user. You bought the tablet from Apple.

Apple bought it from a web of manufacturers and gets Foxconn to assemble it. Foxconn would buy the chips from our customer. And our customer buys the tools from us," said Ceniceros.

He also pointed out that Applied Materials has strong ties with its partners and he doesn't really want to grab Apple's attention.

source: Mashable (opens in new tab)

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