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Citrix Pushes CloudStack, Moves Away From OpenStack

Citrix has fully switched its focus to CloudStack, putting the project forward to the Apache Foundation - leaving OpenStack out in the cold.

Citrix is a member of the OpenStack project, but gained the rival open source CloudStack software when it acquired in the middle of last year. Since then, a switch in focus has been anticipated, as there had to be a reason (and justification) for the major acquisition.

Sameer Dholakia, Citrix's general manager of cloud platforms, announced: "While other enterprise vendors will attempt to add cloud-like management layers to their existing proprietary datacenter virtualization products, we believe the biggest winners in the Cloud Era will be clouds built on a platform that is designed from the ground up with a true Amazon-style architecture, proven at scale in real production clouds, compatible with the Amazon architecture and fully committed to open source.

"With the significant momentum CloudStack has gained over the past year, it is the only cloud platform on the market that even comes close to meeting these requirements. This move will position CloudStack to become the de facto industry standard platform for cloud computing."

Citrix notes that CloudStack will bring more than 30,000 community members to Apache, along with thousands of certified apps, and hundreds of production clouds which are generating approximately $1 billion in revenue.

Citrix also intends to deliver a commercial release of the proposed Apache CloudStack distribution.

Source: ZDNet