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Could Nokia Deliver the first Windows Phone 8 Device?

PhoneArena today received a Windows Phone 8 branded poster along with three variants of an unknown device, claimed to be leaked directly from the Nokia labs. The poster also contains a nicely made slogan hinting towards the possibility of Nokia releasing the first device to run on "Apollo".

The tipster claims the image to be an official Nokia presentation template, in a non-final version of their future smartphone. The device is showcased in three colours: blue, green and red - but surprisingly, Nokia's cyan version has been completely replaced by a plain blue.

According to the poster, Nokia will use Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8 OS, codenamed Apollo. Although this is far from surprising, a slogan situated at the right of the Windows Phone 8 branding hints at something more.

"Breaking the limits since 1865" is the line chosen by Nokia's marketing campaign to represent this handset, and could persuade some to believe that the company will be launching the first Windows Phone 8 device. Some quick research shows that 1865 was the year when the company that was soon to develop Nokia was first founded, starting out as a ground wood pulp paper mill in Tampere, Finland.

It is yet uncertain if the poster is real or fabricated by an eager user, with some viewers claiming that Nokia would never drop cyan for a blue shade.

Image Credit: PhoneArena

Source: PhoneArena (opens in new tab)