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Final Version of Nokia Maps Suite 2.0 Released for Symbian

Although Symbian OS has seen some drops in the past and few newly-released devices run it, Nokia developers have not forgotten about it. Today, the latest and stable version of Nokia Maps Suite, 2.0, has been released from its beta phase.

Compatible with Symbian OS ^3, Anna and even Belle editions, the map pack integrates Nokia's Espoo's Maps, Drive and Transport applications under one roof. The package is also enhanced with key application shortcuts customised for the operating system, instant access to weather, guides and current location information, while revamping existing aspects.

Some existing features, like deep traffic integration, the complete suite of maps whenever the handset lacks an internet connection, are now easier to use and allow greater personalisation options, whilst tightening the application's integration into the system.

Version 2.0 of Maps Suite introduces new ways of showing photos of locations that users travelled to, new voice search capability and direct home-screen access to favourite places. Also, several bugs have been fixed, including the issue that occurred when Map Loader was downloading content.

The update is international and up for grabs for anyone spotting a device running the above mentioned platforms, and can be installed using over-the-air updates. This can be done by going into Sw_update where a new version of the OS should be available.

Developers warn the process can take around twenty minutes to perform and 40MB of free memory on the main drive, so make sure the phone is charged and has enough storage room free.

Source: Nokia Beta Labs (opens in new tab)