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Give The Nokia Lumia 900 & Microsoft A Chance

Poor Microsoft, Poor Nokia. Nothing these two former market leaders can do seem to be right. From Business Insider to the Verge via Techrepublic, many US technology websites seem to think that customers will "honestly" (according to BI) be better off with either an Android or iOS smartphone.

The root of the problem is that we are used to Nokia and Microsoft pushing out average mobile products (Windows Mobile 6.5, Nokia N96) that when they do something decent, they still carry the stigma associated with their previous portfolio.

Only Engadget - from the few reviews I've read - kind of "gets it". Joseph Volpe, the reviewer, says that while the Nokia Lumia 900 fails to find its place amongst other smartphone hulks, it is playing in a league of its own (that of Windows Phone's single-core handsets) where performance is not the main focus.

Nokia very rarely - if ever - releases smartphones with bleeding edge hardware. Instead, it focuses on mainstream where the majority of the profits are and this is exactly where the Nokia 900 wants to sink its teeth into.

Given that Nokia has released FOUR Windows Phone Tango smartphones in FOUR months only (October to January), things can only get better especially that the prices of Nokia handsets have tumbled down and that people are starting to discover that Windows Phone is not THAT bad after all.

And if there is something that Apple and the iPhone 3GS can teach us is that consumers would rather buy an obsolete piece of hardware that delivers outstanding end user experience than the other way round.

Source : Engadget, Business Insider, The Verge

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