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Google and Paramount Strike Movie deal

Google and Paramount have struck a deal to provide YouTube with over 500 of the studio's back catalogue of movies, with Google Play Store users also gaining access.This most recent addition brings the list of available motion pictures on the services to an impressive 9,000.

This added exposure of Paramount movies is a little surprising since the studio already has its own distribution platform via ParamountMovies (opens in new tab). That service however isn't available outside of the US - it'll be interesting to see if the Google deal extends beyond the Atlantic.

The YouTube play system works much like the DVD rentals of old. Prices are around £3.50 for newer titles (£4.50 for their HD variants) and £2.50 for older ones. Paying this price gives you a "48 hour pass" that lets you watch the movie as many times as you want within that two day window, beginning as soon as you hit play that first time. Until then, you have 30 days to decide when you feel like viewing.

The digital streaming scene is certainly heating up, with NetFlix, LoveFilm, Google and several others all elbowing each other for a bigger stake in the very lucrative game.

While they might not be perfect as of yet, streaming services like this offer a very competitve option for those used to downloading or streaming moves illegaly - something many pirates have been hoping for.

Source: TechCrunch (opens in new tab)

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