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Google's March Offerings: Changes To Anchor Text, Image Search And Navigational Search

Google has released its latest search quality updates (opens in new tab) including Anchor Text, Image Search and Navigational Search options.

The Internet giant is making tweaks to how it uses Anchor Text. "This month we turned off a classifier related to anchor text (the visible text appearing in links)," states Google in its search blog (opens in new tab). "Our experimental data suggested that other methods of anchor processing had greater success, so turning off this component made our scoring cleaner and more robust."

Google has also made changes to the popular image search function it provides by promising more improved, relevant image results. The change is outlined again in the blogpost: "This change tunes signals we use related to landing page quality for images. This makes it more likely that you'll find highly relevant images, even if those images are on pages that are lower quality."

The updates included an option for searches where the user needs to be pointed in the right direction. "A "navigational query" is a search where it looks like the user is looking to navigate to a particular website, such as [New York Times] or []. While these searches may seem straightforward, there are still challenges to serving the best results. For example, what if the user doesn't actually know the right URL? What if the URL they're searching for seems to be a parked domain (with no content)? This change improves results for this kind of search." the blog explains.