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HMV Mirrors Tesco push for old GAME Customers

HMV has mirrored the move by supermarket Tesco, in an attempt to gather up old customers of the troubled retailer GAME since many of the specialist retailer's locations have now closed.

Next month will see the beginning of a large, games themed in-store marketing campaign by HMV, with marketing and ecommerce director Mark Hodkinson describing the current climate as one filled with opportunity, especially with regards to pricing.

This is similar to Tesco's own efforts which saw it dropping the prices of its popular titles in an effort to undercut the newly restored GAME.

"[There is] also a long-term opportunity to attract and keep hold of former GAME customers," Hodgkinson explained candidly to Marketing Week (opens in new tab).

Tesco's own efforts saw it become the self-proclaimed "Home of Gaming" offering midnight release opening hours, pre-order opportunities and trade in cash back for anything in-store.

Supermarket chain Sainsbury's has also done the same, promising some of the best prices on the high street by dropping many titles by as much as 40 per cent, along with some companion hardware as well. Companies like Blockbuster are also offering pre-owned deals, while advertising them with GAME-like imagery (opens in new tab).

While the GAME group was recently saved by an offer from OpCapita, it now faces an uphill struggle to remain relevant with the assault from rivals now coming from all sides.

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