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MacBook Air And Ultrabooks Are Better Than iPad, Says Intel

In a bold interview with PC World reporters, Intel representatives detailed why the new class of Ultrabooks can really challenge Apple's devices.

Anand Kajshmanan, Intel product manager and Alison Wesley, Intel's media relations representative teased the fans with information about the revamped Ultrabook family. The high-end laptops from Intel are the result of extensive research on users' expectations.

Among the most appreciated features are "ultra-responsiveness," portability, sleek design, great connectivity and battery life. And the new Ultrabooks promise to deliver all these at a superior level to Apple.

Admitting that the MacBook Air is "a great choice" for Apple fans, Intel representatives rely not only on the hardware and sleek design, but also on the operating system.

"Really, with the Ultrabook, it's about offering all those things in the same device--the great responsiveness, the great battery life--and with an operating system that people have come to love over the years, as well as all the legacy applications that they would like to run," said Intel's representatives.

In addition, Intel plans to bring the high-end devices to the "mainstream price points" which would give the company a competitive edge against the competition.

source: MacWorld UK

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