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No iPad 2 Rival : Intel To Launch Affordable Medfield Tablet

Sources within the component community in Taiwan claim that Intel will release a blueprint for a tablet PC product codenamed StudyBook that will focus on emerging markets and will adopt the same sales strategy as for the Classmate PC which was essentially a ruggedised netbook aimed at competing with the One Laptop Per Child project.

According to Monica Chen and Joseph Tsai from Digitimes, the tablet will have a 10-inch screen and will adopt Intel's Medfield platform (one which will also be used in smartphones) while sporting dual operating systems.

Given its target markets, it is highly unlikely that the tablets will come with Windows 8. Instead we guess that Intel will bundle a Linux distro (Android, Ubuntu) with its own Tizen OS, borne out of Meego and Bada OS. cer The tablet is expected to be launched in the second half of 2012 with a suggested retail price of less than $299, significantly more than the $40 tablet procured by the Indian government. The tablets are expected to be manufactured by Elite Computer Systems (ECS) and China-based Malata.

It is likely though that Intel will have a hard time competing in the education procurement market given that the mass availability of ARM-based solution provide governments with more flexibility at a more affordable price point.

Source : Digitimes

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