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Nvidia to Use Kepler in Tegra 4?

An email sent to Nvidia employees has hinted at the use of Kepler technology within the next generation of Tegra chips, potentially offering a massive increase in mobile graphical performance in tablets and smartphones.

Whilst the majority of the email covered Kepler's expected commercial uses like graphics cards, the latter half turned to praising the technology's ability to work within tight energy usage parameters. The phrase that has kicked up the most interest however is: "Because of its super energy efficient architecture, we will extend GPUs into datacentres, to super thin notebooks and superphones."

With the next iteration of Tegra hardware expected towards the end of 2012 or early 2013, this hint could very well mean that the new 28nm hardware could be found within an upcoming generation of "superphones."

While of course the performance would take a dip in an enclosed environment like a mobile handset due to thermals, it would still be impressive. Very low wattage output Kepler hardware is capable of playing contemporary games at very high detail levels, so the next generation of mobile games would have a great platform to work from if this turns out to be a true development.

Considering Tegra 3 was seen as quite a powerhouse, despite making use of technology that could be considered comparable to Geforge 7000 series cards, if Nvidia can get Kepler on a mobile die that doesn't drain too much power or produce too much heat, it could quite easily dominate its competitors in ARM, Apple and Qualcomm.

Source: VR-Zone (opens in new tab)

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