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RIM Launches Mobile Fusion For BlackBerry, Android And iOS

RIM's movement towards a more business-oriented approach rather than focusing on consumer products saw it take its first step yesterday, when the telecommunications company released BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. This service is aimed at IT departments and is also reported to be compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

This software has been labelled as "RIM's next-generation mobile device management (MDM) solution for enterprise customers". Built on the same foundation as the Enterprise Server, the service delivers a secure, reliable, cost-efficient and scalable option for IT departments, offering support for three of the most used mobile operating systems.

Using a unified interface available across all platforms, Fusion allows management of assets and configuration, security and policy definition, user and group based administration, management for applications, corporate software and connectivity issues and last but not least, the option of securing and protecting lost devices with a remote lock and wipe-all features.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion has been around since February for the Playbook and BlackBerry smartphones, while this latest release brings the service to Android and iOS.

Unfortunately, RIM hasn't made any claims regarding a Windows Phone OS compatible version and seeing as Fusion have spent the past few months in the Beta Zone since last November, it's highly unlikely that they'll be planning to do so in the near future. The software will also be compatible with the future BlackBerry 10 OS, otherwise known as QNX.

The application is free to download and is priced by the number of devices being managed. A full-time licence for one user costs $99 or $4 per month, with volume discounts also on offer. A free 60-day trial is also available.

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