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Skype Launches $12 Million Ad Campaign, Mocks Facebook And Twitter

It's never a bad thing to have a bit of healthy competition, but Microsoft has taken the decision to ruffle the feathers of two of its rivals in their newly launched Skype ad campaign. Poking some proverbial fun at Facebook and Twitter, yesterday saw Microsoft announce the "It's time for Skype" scheme in the US and UK - and costing $12 million to get the message out, poking fun at two of the world's biggest social networking sites better 'pay' off.

The premise is that the standard text-based exchange doesn't quite work anymore, and that the future is Skype. Seven billboards are used to demonstrate this theory, two jesting in the direction of Facebook and Twitter.

Here's all seven billboard captions in their mocking glory:

- Upgrade From A Wall Post To A First Class Conversation

- 140 Characters Doesn't Equal Staying In Touch

- When Did It Become Okay To Text Mum Happy Birthday?

- Your One-Way Ticket Back To Humanity

- When Did LOL Replace The Sound Of Laughter

- Humans Were Made To Look Listen And Feel

- No Delays On Human Conversation

As you can see, powerful words spoken by the Redmon-based corporation. Will the art of persuasion work, and influence more people to join the Skype revolution?

We'll just have to wait and see - after I've finished checking the news feed on my Facebook and Twitter.

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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