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Tesco Continues GAME Assault, Cuts Prices

In the wake of GAME's collapse - and recent resurgence - Tesco has been hoping to cash in on the many consumers finding themselves without a local video game retailer. Declaring itself the "Home of Gaming" last week, the supermarket chain has begun cutting the prices of its titles in a bid to draw in the crowds.

The latest price drops are for popular games Mass Effect 3 and SSX, both of which can now be found for as little as £24.91. Street Fighter X Tekken and Saints Row: The Third have also dipped to just under £22.

Tesco has also begun promoting the ability to pre-order titles and as part of the "Home" announcement, it highlighted how many stores would be opening at midnight for big game releases, giving those wanting to buy at the earliest possible opportunity the chance to do so.

These are all facilities that GAME offered and likely will continue to do so now it's been saved by OpCapita and has a new, old CEO, but the pricing could be difficult to match, especially since the retailer has had trouble recently getting stock of the latest and greatest titles from quite a few publishers.

This is agressive marketing by Tesco. While it's a free market and the supermarket chain is free to do what it wants, it's hard not to think of an analogy about kicking a GAME group while it's down.

Source: MCVUK (opens in new tab)

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