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TomTom Issues Fix For Sat-Nav Leap Year Bug

TomTom sat-nav devices have been hit by a rather nasty bug which has left them unable to reach their destination - guided most likely by John Cleese - as per usual.

The issue causes a lost GPS signal, meaning users are simply presented with a blank grey screen and a message stating that there's no GPS connection. TomTom has come forward to explain that this flaw has been caused by a leap year bug - 2012 being a leap year, naturally.

There is, apparently, an error in the GPS firmware which prevents the sat-nav from determining its current location. However, the company asserts that this only affects a limited number of devices.

This seems to be a global issue, affecting not just the UK but other European countries and territories as far afield as Canada and Australia. The problem was first brought to light at the end of March, and the company has now announced that it has pushed out a fix.

Late last night, TomTom stated that: "A software update fixing the issue is now available via MyTomTom."

"For simple instructions about how to update your device please go to"

However, some users have complained that the software fix hasn't sorted their device out. That could be their fault, potentially, as they may not have followed the instructions for installing the update properly. Be sure to follow them to the letter.

Source: BBC