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Wealthy Americans Prefer iPhones And Finance Apps

Following the dimming glow of BlackBerry's popularity, the majority of high spending consumers are redirecting their attention to Apple's iPhones.

According to a recent survey conducted among rich Americans by The Luxury Institute, 45 per cent of smartphone owners own an iPhone. Thirty five per cent of the wealthy US smartphone owners are in the possession of an Android based device, whilst BlackBerry landed a respectable third place on the most wanted smartphone list.

The Nielsen report shows that smartphone usage is dominated by social networking and games, whilst The Luxury Institute discovered a completely different factor.

It appeared that those within the wealthy category prefer apps dedicated to weather, financial activities, news, travel tools and sports. Shopping is one of their favourite activities on the smartphones, as admitted by 67 per cent of the respondents questioned.

Milton Pedraza, CEO of the Luxury Institute, explained that the study reveals the opportunities for companies targeting affluent Americans. "Smart luxury firms recognize the potential of their mobile presence to boost sales and get closer to their customers.

"Customers clearly view smartphones as part of the new shopping experience."

Source: Luxury Institute (opens in new tab)

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