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Windows 8 Metro Key To Firefox Success

Mozilla is looking to regain some of its market share by providing a version of Firefox for Windows 8 Metro, and already has a working prototype.

According to Brian Bondy, a top Firefox platform engineer, Mozilla had a prototype a week ago that worked on the new Windows 8 Metro platform. The protoype has much the same look and feel as the version currently available on Android, according to his blog (opens in new tab) - "You can navigate the web, create tabs, bookmark pages, build history, retain cache, adjust preferences, and more."

Whilst there is plenty more still to do, including a considerable amount of platform work and changes to the user interface, the browser already includes a lot of Metro features. Including Metro Snap, confirmed by the blog; "you can snap another Metro app to the right or left of Firefox and continue browsing".

The Metro 'search contract' which will intregate internet and desktop broswers will be important to the design of the latest Firefox, as Bondy explains. "Even if a user spends most of their time in the Desktop interface, having a really good Metro browser may be enough for the user to change their default browser. A browser with great Metro support can gain significant browser market share for this reason."