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600,000 Macs Are Infected With Trojans

Dr. Web, a Russian company developing anti-virus software, announced on Wednesday that more than a half of million Macs from all over the world have been infected with a Trojan named Flashback.

Later, on his Twitter account, Dr. Web members updated the information saying that the number of infected Macs had risen to 600,000.

The odd part is that almost 300 of these computers are from Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. "Systems get infected with BackDoor.Flashback.39 after a user is redirected to a bogus site from a compromised resource or via a traffic distribution system.

JavaScript code is used to load a Java-applet containing an exploit. Doctor Web's virus analysts discovered a large number of web-sites containing the code," warns Dr. Web. At the end of March, more than four million webpages were infected.

The map of the BackDoor.Flashback.39 spread shows that more than half (56 per cent or 303,449 hosts) of the infected Macs are from US and Canada (almost 20 per cent).

The UK Mac users should be worried too, as 13 per cent of the infected machines running on Mac OS X (that is almost 70,000 Macs) were found in their neighbourhood.

source: DrWeb

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