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Apple Filed 17 New Patents For iPhone And iPad

The US Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple a batch of new patents related to the technologies used in the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

The patents, detailed by Patently Apple, describe wireless synchronisation between iOS devices, camera improvements and some patents point to potential iCloud enhancements.

Two of the patents are dedicated to the iOS cameras. Flash Control for Electronic Rolling Shutter details a "microelectronic image sensor array and associated imaging optics, and more particularly, the techniques for controlling an LED-based camera flash in an electronic rolling shutter (ERS) camera."

The second camera related patent, Apparatus and Method for Compensating for Variations in Digital Cameras relates to the calibration of the digital cameras.

Another pair of patents regards the wireless synchronization between iOS devices over the air. One of these patents, which describe the interaction between a host computer and a media player, could have applications in the iCloud technology.

Apple was also priming the iPod line-up with a couple of patents, one of which describes in detail how an iPod is built. Apple vice president of industrial design Jonathan Ive was the man behind iPod Shuffle (fourth generation), according to the design patent filed by him.

source: PatentlyApple (opens in new tab)

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