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Apple Plans To Solve Wi-Fi issues On The New iPad

Apparently, the third generation iPad has problems with Wi-Fi connection, on top of overheating and charging issues reported earlier. Apple's support forums are buzzing with the most recent complaints.

According to an internal document that bears the "Confidential information, do not disclose externally" headline, Apple acknowledges the Wi-Fi issues. The AppleCare document, published by 9to5 Mac, suggests that any new iPad affected by this problem should be "captured".

The code means that the dysfunctional iPads should be packed up and sent to Apple's engineers for investigation.

Detailing their experiences, users have noticed connection drops as well as slow upload and download speeds.

"(I'm) having problems with dropouts and loss of Wi-Fi signal on the new iPad that don't occur with my iPad1. This happens to me both at home (with my Airport Express) and at work using the University's Wi-Fi. Typically signal starts out strong when new iPad is turned on but disappears or becomes so weak that refreshing web pages is extremely slow or does not occur," summarizes Wes1234.

source: 9to5Mac (opens in new tab)

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