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Apple Wants iPhone’s Source Code To Better Defend It

Under "a very stringent confidentiality regime", Intel and Qualcomm agreed to grant access to the source codes of the basic chips integrated in previous iPhone versions.

Both companies consented to help Apple's case both in the US Court and in the most recent hearings held in the Federal Court of Australia. Two Australian experts will inspect the source code(s) and review the evidence that could help Apple defend the iPhone in its patent battle against Samsung.

Samsung accused Apple of infringing its ‘657' patent, which covers the use of HSPA 3G mobile access technology. With the new evidence at hand, Apple's lawyers hope to dismiss these accusations.

"US attorneys have inspected that code and there is a view that's being formed... that there are additional non-infringement arguments which emerge from that inspection," explained Andrew Fox, a lawyer representing Apple.

Samsung also granted a request from US attorneys to disclose contract agreements that the South Korean company has with Qualcomm in the hope to build its case.

On the matter of Intel and Qualcomm source codes, Samsung's representative said for CRN Australia that the company will have to hear from their own experts before releasing a statement.

"We think that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible so as not to delay the conduct of this case in general," said Julian Cooke, Samsung's lawyer.

source: CRN (opens in new tab)

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