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Chrome Store Updated with Trending Apps, Subcategories, Badges

Google's Chrome Store, the marketplace for any Chrome browser user that has an eye for applications and extensions, has been updated to support the increasing number of content. The update has been live since yesterday and its new features can be experienced globally.

One of the features Google brought to the Chrome store is the "Trending" view. Here, users can sort apps, extensions and any other type of browser-compatible software into categories based on how often they are installed. These are labeled with health tags ranging from "warm" to "on fire", the last one representing apps that grew the fastest inside the store.

Speaking of categories, subcategories were introduced to allow users an even deeper navigation inside the marketplace. As example, subcategories split "Entertainment" into Music and Radio, Books, Photos, TV & Movies and Online Video.

Badges were also added, tagging existing programs based on their functionality. For starters, the Chrome Store comes with "offline" and "playable on Google+" badges, the first one tagging content that can be experienced without an internet connection. Officials plan to extend this feature in the future.

These Badges can be seen on the landing page of each extension or application, which possesses one of the above stated capabilities, and clicking them will reveal a list of programs in the same segment.

The Google Chrome store is home to over ten thousand applications and games, which can only be experienced using an appropriate browser. As with any other marketplace, watch out for malware.

Source: Chrome Blog (opens in new tab)