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Google Project Glass Unveiled: Augmented Reality Glasses

Google has just revealed a new and very cool looking piece of hardware. Project Glass is a prototype pair of futuristic glasses which flashes up notifications in the wearer's field of vision.

The user can also communicate with the Android-powered glasses using voice recognition. For example, it's possible to ask the glasses to plot a route to somewhere in a city. That will be done, and the directions flashed up on the HUD (head up display) as you walk the streets.

Want to snap a photo of something? Simply tell the glasses to do so, and they'll photograph whatever you're looking at. Check out the illustrative video the company has released on YouTube to get a better idea of all this.

While it's definitely a smart idea - if not for everyone, and potentially a little invasive - exactly how far along Project Glass is, and how closely it will resemble what's shown on YouTube when it's finally released is an unknown at this point. If it's ever released, that is...

A person who has used the glasses was quoted as saying: "They let technology get out of your way. If I want to take a picture I don't have to reach into my pocket and take out my phone; I just press a button at the top of the glasses and that's it."

So the photographing is currently done via a button, not simply by voice activation as shown in the video. As expected though, it's all a teaser at the moment. The current, real hardware probably looks like a pretty chunky pair of spectacles, we'd imagine, and not the slick, presumably mocked-up press images Google has put out.

Source: The Telegraph