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iPad 3 vs New iPad : Has Apple's Renaming Strategy Backfired?

Nearly one month after the launch of the New iPad - formerly nicknamed the iPad 3 - the search for this particular term is still far more popular than the official name of the follow up to the iPad 2, the "new iPad".

Figures from Google Insights for Search show that over the last 7 days, "ipad 3" got three times more search queries than "new ipad" in the UK and the number of queries has been more or less stable over the last three weeks since the tablet went on sale in the UK.

Surprisingly, we found a number of UK technology websites calling the "new ipad", the iPad 3 including the likes of Stuff, DailyMail, T3, Techradar, Cnet, Reuters the Guardian and The Telegraph.

So it seems that news outlet are keeping the colloquial name of the "new iPad" alive and kicking despite Apple's desire to call it otherwise. Even more puzzling is the number of queries on Apple's user forums calling the new iPad, the iPad 3 instead.

It seems therefore that the attempt by Apple to rename the iPad has backfired as Techradar is the first search result for the iPad 3 rather than Apple's online store. In comparison, Apple occupies the first four search results for the term new iPad.

Source : Google Insights for search

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