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Kazuo Hirai to Announce new Sony Strategy

Sony's new CEO Kazuo Hirai - who took over from Howard Stringer officially on 1st April - is set to present a new startegy for the Japanese electronics maker as soon as next week.

Several changes to the executive lin (opens in new tab)e (opens in new tab) up at Sony and Sony America have already been announced, with a new head of the American branch being named as well as a new top dog at Sony Music.

However these aren't the only rumblings at the firm, with some reports suggesting (opens in new tab) that a reduction in manufacturing focus, Sony has been ousting employees by using in-house doctors to suggest controversial mental health concerns.

As part of his taking the helm of Sony, Mr Hirai said he planned to turn around the ailing electronics arm, expecting to put more effort into the television division which has seen increasing competition in recent years.

The PlayStation Orbis (opens in new tab) is also expeced to be a big development for Sony over the next 12 months, as it pushes the next generation console into a production ready state for what seems most likely, a 2013 release.

Sony's phone business (opens in new tab) will likely be revamped as well. The company recently bought its way out of the Ericsson agreement, leaving it the sole owner of that branch. This should allow the company to do something a bit different, though what at this point, is still up in the air.

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