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Late News: Samsung Galaxy S3 to Sport 720p Super AMOLED Plus?, Sky Mulls 10K Wi-Fi Hotspots in UK, Google Project Glass

A Korean publication, DDaily, has reported that Samsung Mobile Display, one of the numerous entities that make up Samsung as a Chaebol, has started to produce the screen for the Samsung Galaxy SII; the display is said to be a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus display with a 1,280 by 720 pixel resolution.

Sky is planning to enhance the service it provides to its broadband customers with the addition of 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK. This extensive new battery of mobile surfing access points will be delivered via The Cloud, and they'll provide unlimited and free Wi-Fi access.

Amazon sales revenue numbers in the UK have been huge over recent times. One in four books sold in the UK are through Amazon. It's Britain's biggest online retailer, and generated some £3.3 billion in sales last year. Yet the firm didn't pay any corporation tax on the profits made.

Google has just revealed a new and very cool looking piece of hardware. Project Glass is a prototype pair of futuristic glasses which flashes up notifications in the wearer's field of vision. The user can also communicate with the Android-powered glasses using voice recognition. For example, it's possible to ask the glasses to plot a route to somewhere in a city. That will be done, and the directions flashed up on the HUD (head up display) as you walk the streets.

While the job market in the technology industry took a blow yesterday, with the news that Yahoo is to axe 2,000 staff, Skype has some more positive news on the recruitment front. The Microsoft-owned company is set to take on 400 new employees spread across five cities, beginning with London and Stockholm. The other cities which will eventually see more jobs are Palo Alto, Prague and Tallinn (in Estonia).