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MediaFire boss Speaks out Against Hollywood Allegations

The owner of file locker site MediaFire, Tom Langridge, has spoken out about recent claims by hollywood executives that all sites similar to MegaUpload should be targeted and charged for copyright infringement and many other offences.

QuotingParamount Pictures' Alfred Perry, who said that MegaUpload was just one of the first to be hit, Langridge said: "It was both shocking and disappointing that Mr. Perry referenced us [MediaFire] as a ‘rogue' website."

"It's my opinion that the inclusion of MediaFire was most likely the result of misinformation. We have already received very positive responses from people supporting us, both in and outside of the copyright industry, and we hope that the public and press will continue to challenge Mr. Perry's assertions."

MediaFire isn't the only site that could settle in the crosshairs soon enough. Fileserve, Wupload, PutLocker and more have all been named as possible targets for legislative action. Interestingly two of the sites that took action to curb piracy after the MegaUpload takedown - Rapidshare and Fileserve - were not named by Paramount.

Langridge was keen to describe MediaFire as a legitemate service that people use to distribute files among fans or friends and associates. It's also cooperative.

"MediaFire continues to cooperate fully with the MPAA, RIAA, and various other organizations who work to identify and prohibit the distribution of copyrighted content. We have a variety of advanced automated systems designed to detect violations of our Terms of Service and automatically warn and terminate users."

"In fact, these systems have received rave reviews from organizations monitoring copyrighted content," he concluded.

Source: TorrentFreak (opens in new tab)

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