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New iPad Owners Are Very Satisfied With Their Gadget

Despite the chatter on support forums relating to the new iPad issues, Apple's latest tablet is still the best on the market.

The recent report published by ChangeWave revealed that 82 per cent of the new iPad owners are very happy with their device.

Only 2 per cent of the users declared they are somewhat unsatisfied with the new iPad and nobody said they were very unsatisfied with Apple's resolutionary tablet.

When asked what the best feature of the new iPad is, 75 per cent of the users pointed to the Retina Display. The respondents had to point to their major dislikes related to the new iPad. As it turns out, the device itself has nothing to do with the discontent.

The cost of subscribing to the wireless data plan and the new iPad price were the main reasons for complaint.

To confirm the new iPad's popularity, the latest Consumers Reports describe the device in an enthusiastic tone. It says that the new iPad features "the best rendering of detail and color accuracy we've ever seen on a tablet display" and the device's performance is "superb in virtually every other way as well."

source: NetworkWorld (opens in new tab)

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