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New York Times Includes Open Source Mini-Game

The New York Times has included a mini-game in one of its articles, published yesterday. The article, enititled 'Just One More Game... Angry Birds, Farmville and Other Hyper Addictive 'Stupid Games', includes a mini-game just under the heading.

The article concerns the 'darker' nature of video games. The pointless addictive nature of what the writer calls "stupid games", which began with Nintendo, the Game Boy and Tetris, and currently, Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja.

The game allows you to move around an arrow spaceship with the arrow keys on the keyboard, and then shoot with the spacebar. The target is the latout of the page. As you shoot, the tabs, articles, adverts and pictures around the article are destroyed. Of course there's the option to end the game and return to the original article, once there's nothing left to annihilate.

The man responisble for the New York Times version is Jon Huang, but the original game was created by a pair of twins from Sweden. "I give all the credit to the guys behind Kick Ass. They're a pair of 18-year-old twins in Sweden", Huang explained.

The open source game, Kick Ass, is available as a bookmarlet from the Swedish pair's website.