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Option Launches Quad-band LTE USB Modem

Belgium-based wireless provider Option has unveiled a new USB modem called the Beemo which is a quad band LTE model capable of reaching up to 100Mbps downstream (and up to 50Mbps upstream). It comes with an external signal connector for low signal strength areas and has been designed for optimal heat dissipation.

It also includes Option's connection manager uCAN Connect 3.0 on board which slashes the cost associated with installing and managing separate third party connection management firmware.

Option also says that operators will be able to implement "different branded skins, languages and settings" to target "different market segments with a customised experience".

The Beemo is likely to be sold through existing mobile operators rather than directly to customers. Option is one of many players on the market - dominated by the likes of Huawei and ZTE - expected to released 3G/4G modems ahead of the launch of 4G in the UK.

Option has not said when the modem will be available in the UK and at what price range or whether it will come with a microSD card slot. As expected, it is USB 2.0 compatible with no USB 3.0 option available.

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