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SIM-free Models of Galaxy S2 will be the Last to get Android 4.0 in UK

Samsung has announced that UK owners of the Galaxy S2, the SIM-free unlocked version, will be receiving an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich as soon as all carrier-branded models are upgraded.

The smartphone-maker has stated that this kind of model will have to wait until the update is tested on all carriers and said to be working without problems. No release intervals have been quoted but those fitting into the category should know that they are in the back of the queue.

The setback has its logic, Samsung explaining that an unlocked Galaxy S II can be used on any UK network, so the latest version of Google's mobile operating system has to be compatible with all of them. Hopefully, this will eliminate any possible bugs or flaws.

The announcement has been taken lightly by carriers like Three or O2 UK, which were already focusing on customers that purchased locked models through direct agencies or affiliates.

Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung Telecommunications and Networks for Samsung UK and Ireland, stated that "We were working with our operators to make sure that we brought it out to as many people as we can. Open market will be once we've got all of the operator pieces on board... It'll come at very much the same time."

Android 4.0 has been available for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners since last month, when the manufacturer launched the update in the UK, but it's only available to some carriers. Stanford also added that Vodafone is expected to release ICS in the following few days.

Source: CNET (opens in new tab)