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Skype Set To Employ 400 More Staff

While the job market in the technology industry took a blow yesterday, with the news that Yahoo is to axe 2,000 staff, Skype has some more positive news on the recruitment front.

The Microsoft-owned company is set to take on 400 new employees spread across five cities, beginning with London and Stockholm. The other cities which will eventually see more jobs are Palo Alto, Prague and Tallinn (in Estonia).

The extra jobs represent an expansion in Skype's workforce to the tune of a third, and 1,600 staff will be on board in total after the new positions have been filled. The central London employment opportunity is a new technology centre, which will increase the total number of Skype employees in the capital by 40 per cent (to 330).

The various roles will include software engineering and product management.

Rick Osterloh, Skype's vice-president of product and design, told the BBC: "We have one project about 'big data', which is about making use of data that our users generate when using the product to improve the quality of the products we offer."

Well, there's no surprise there - isn't everything online about ‘big data' these days.

Osterloh added: "We also [have] a number of initiatives we are working on in the web area, and we are hiring some positions for our newly formed Xbox division."

The first stage of hiring is expected to be finished by the close of June.

Source: BBC