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Smaller iPad To Come Without Retina Display?

Rumours relating to the upcoming iPad mini have been buzzing around the Internet for a while now. The analysts believe that Apple should target the entry level users who are interested in affordability and there are sources who suggest that a smaller iPad is already in the works.

The latest rumour on this matter comes from John Gruber who pointed out in a new The Talk Show episode that Apple is "noodling" with the idea of a 7.85 inch iPad. The prototype Apple is supposedly working on has a resolution of 1,024 by 768 pixels.

John Gruber is relying on a well-connected insider to give details about Apple's plans. The smaller tablet designed by the engineers in Cupertino headquarters would have the same height as the current iPad.

"There are a couple areas where I think text is maybe a little too small, but it's not ridiculously small," said John Gruber after envisioning the approximate size of the tablet.

Following the success of Amazon's Kindle Fire, Apple might try to grab a piece of the low-end market with a smaller iPad.

source: 5by5 (opens in new tab)

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