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Windows Phone Marketplace Now has 80,000, Problems with Submissions

Just like officials advised a couple of weeks ago, the Windows Phone Marketplace has encountered some serious delays when it comes to approval of new applications, due to the high volume of software submitted in the past few days.

A couple of days ago Microsoft confirmed that the rate of submitted applications has greatly increased, with over 10,000 new requests awaiting approval. Developers have never encountered a similar situation and so, delays have occurred.

In most cases, applications would've been given access to the market in less than 72 hours, but this interval has now increased to at least 7 calendar days. The time-frame is expected to stretch even further, as new consumer markets are coming online.

The Windows Phone store has recently extended support for thirteen new countries, including Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Iceland, with even more to come in the following weeks. Officials have estimated that this will increase the current number of users by more than 60 per cent.

The good news is that nearly 340 apps are being published daily and 400 of existing ones are being updated, making the Windows Phone Marketplace count at just above 80,000 applications. This number is a little inflated though, and would be around 70,000, if we would exclude those that are only available for local use or are inactive.

Officials advise developers to submit for certification well in advance of the desired publish date, so delays can be reduced.

Source: WPCentral (opens in new tab)