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AM News: iPhone 4S on Smaller US Carriers, Canonical Outs Metal-as-a-Service Provisioning Tool, 600K Macs Infected with Trojan

Cisco has made a major new introduction on the router front, with three new Linksys Smart Wi-Fi routers. The EA4500, EA3500 and EA2700 are all "app enabled", meaning they can run apps designed to swiftly add features or change settings, and the devices provide support for the Cisco Connect Cloud.

The owner of file locker site MediaFire, Tom Langridge, has spoken out about recent claims by hollywood executives that all sites similar to MegaUpload should be targeted and charged for copyright infringement and many other offences. Quoting Paramount Pictures' Alfred Perry, who said that MegaUpload was just one of the first to be hit, Langridge said: "It was both shocking and disappointing that Mr. Perry referenced us [MediaFire] as a ‘rogue' website."

Canonical has lifted the lid on its new baby, a "Metal-as-a-service" tool (MAAS) which offers the provisioning and management of servers, on top of which a cloud can be deployed. In a blog post (opens in new tab), founder Mark Shuttleworth said that MAAS is set to bring agility back to hyper-scale deployments. Whereas servers used to be big and powerful, Shuttleworth noted, in the hyper-scale era more power can be added not via beefier nodes, but simply by adding more nodes to clusters.

Dr. Web, a Russian company developing anti-virus software, announced on Wednesday that more than a half of million Macs from all over the world have been infected with a Trojan named Flashback. Later, on his Twitter account, Dr. Web members updated the information saying that the number of infected Macs had risen to 600,000.

In a well coordinated roll-out, Apple expands the availability of iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 to several smaller CDMA carriers in the US. Among the new carriers that in two weeks will be able to offer to their subscribers the latest iPhone are - nTelos Wireless (Virginia), Alaska Communications (Alaska), Appalachian Wireless (Kentucky), GCI (Alaska), Cellcom (Wisconsin, and Matanuska Telephone Association (Alaska).

Ravi Mandalia

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