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Apple Agrees To Settlement In The iPhone 4S “Lost Prototype” Case

If you ask Siri to tell you a joke, most likely she will start with "two iPhones walked into a bar." Apple revealed self irony with this, as prototypes of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S were lost in bars from San Francisco, a few months before the official releases.

The loss of the iPhone 4S prototype ended up with some court room drama. At the time, Apple's security officers were accused of impersonating police officers while raiding the home of a suspect, Sergio Calderón.

The victim of Apple's security team threatened to file a lawsuit against the Cupertino company. Last December, his lawyer, David Monroe explained to the media that his client's rights were breached and a settlement with Apple is imminent.

At the time, David Monroe told CNET writers that Apple's actions were "outrageous." "The talks have ended and we're moving forward," said the lawyer (opens in new tab) about the agreement with Apple. Now, four months later, David Monroe received a follow up call from Network World and he displayed a much more mysterious attitude.

He refused to comment on reporters' questions. Behind the silence, analysts presumed strong non-disclosure agreements that followed the settlement.

source: NetworkWorld (opens in new tab)

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