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Apple Is Allowed To Sell Brazil-Made iPads

Apple fans from Brazil are going to be able to buy iPads assembled in their country, along with the iPads put together in the Chinese factories.

According to MacRumors, Apple just received certification to sell the 16 GB iPad 2 assembled in the Brazilian Foxconn facilities on the local market.

For now, Apple is selling the entire iPad 2 line there, but after the new iPad hits the market, Apple will reduce the availability for some of the second generation iPads, as the company did in many other markets included in the new iPad rollout.

When it comes to the third generation iPad, Apple still had to wait for certifications for all the models, assembled both in China and in Brazil. Until the certifications are granted, Apple couldn't even announce an official release date for the new iPad in Brazil.

Brazilian Apple devotees can already get the 8 GB iPhone 4 model, since it is manufactured locally. This is the first Apple product that the company is able to sell from Foxconn's factories established there.

Apple's strategy is to avoid steep import tax by domestically assembling the iOS devices.

source: MacRumors (opens in new tab)

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